If you are motivated by creating something that has never been done before, by doing something that will make a difference to others, by contributing to making the air cleaner, by advancing gender and ethnic equality, and by creating more meaningful work lives – then, please come work for us!

Our Virtues

We value…

above compassion


above emotions


Humbleness and hard work
above good intentions


above self-confidence


Voluntas Advisory employees have backgrounds in political and social science, economics, business management, corporate branding, and marketing. We have broad international experience from developed markets as well as developing countries or countries in transition. Voluntas Advisory is always looking for dedicated professionals with a strong belief in our purpose and with a profound interest in politics, economy, and management consulting. If interested, please send your resume, grade transcript and cover letter answering the following three questions:

1. Reflect on the time when a community you were part of left an impact as a result of your actions
2. Reflect on a time in the last few years when you felt genuine excitement about something
3. Please tell us about your most inspiring project imaginable in Voluntas


Applications should be sent in English to

We are currently hiring for the following positions: