Our Purpose and Mission


To improve living standards and life quality through business as a force for good and through public actors as catalysts for distribution of opportunities and creation of wealth.


By working in the intersection between state and business, the interplay between society and market, and the synergy between citizen and consumer, we …

… deliver intelligence based, enlightened and innovative policy making

… create purposeful business and branding strategies

… produce enlightening market research and impactful analyses

Our Products

Research – intelligence first

We collect data, carry out due diligence, generate insights and conduct analyses inside both the private and the public sector. We have been engaged in conflict zones, hard to access areas and dealt with sensitive subjects. Additionally, we have worked with tech companies looking for market intelligence, retail clients on the verge of entering new markets, and start-up companies forming a narrative. Our goal is to provide a clear, transparent, data driven, and comprehensive picture, whether on economic, political, and social subjects, or individual companies and markets.

Strategy – planning with a purpose

We help our clients solve inefficiencies or navigate in challenging situations and recommend integrated solutions whether on strategy, policy, branding, or on the ground execution. Our approach is derived from our purpose, principles, and values, and from the conceptual, operational, and academic experiences of our diverse team.

Action – secure and scale impact

We take great pride in ensuring that our research advisory and strategy recommendations are conducted with an invariable attention towards implementation. We focus on establishing professional intimacy and provide intelligence-based, enlightening, turnkey solutions to our clients’ challenges. At the same time, we continuously seek startups and innovative ideas and help scale them to the next level.

Our Clients


Voluntas Advisory works with both companies and investors in fostering a positive impact and supporting sustainable business and concept development. We offer top level advisory support with a distinct focus on purpose, strategy, and execution ability in developed as well as traditionally less accessible markets.


Voluntas Advisory works with publicly, voluntarily and communally funded development and humanitarian organizations to support democratic political developments and foster economic growth globally. We provide strategic thinking through evidenced-based advisory tailored to increase the impact and sustainability of our clients’ efforts.

Our Insights